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It begins as the story of a guy who was secretary at the Elysee and become a senator . No joke , you begin to severely hear about Ghost Culture around you and far from the center of a media-political scandal , the young ginger wolf sustains success this year. We listened to the album since January 5th without getting to know if we’re too dupe or otherwise it is a quite masterstroke.

His debut sound engineer in Phantasy records have flattered his geek instincts when creativity has finally resonated in the Erol Alkan’s ears, revealing the potential of the technician.  A fortiori , he did not pretend to reach the ankle on media of his colleagues  Daniel Avery and Connan Mockasin but undoubtedly , he already desired to go on stage so we when asked what can expect from his live. Indeed, I unwisely enjoyed techno music in my helmet on the road to La Boule Noire thursday night than I and told myself that I was going to a concert full of sober girls and sad girls and sadly sober girls. Not at all.

The first part of the concert was really vocal, distinctives songs that people are whispering in the front row. The artist is in his thing, he is taping on his pads and singing incredibly just, synchronized lights recalls that gentleman is a crafty electronics geek and he does what he wants, any he does not care, he’s enjoying what he’s doing. In whole simplicity with his guitar and his voice, the song Glaciers garnered the necessary silence. Then, the knockout : the concert becomes more brutally house, songs are getting longer in favor to boisterous rhythm. And we soon realized : it was like a furious desire to dance with closed eyes on an album that could have made us want to hang ourselves.

Do not get me wrong, it’s not a negative review, at Beware!Magazine we like to hang. So this is one album for two ways of listening, since himself would feel a bit torn between his crooner side and tortured poet side.




(crédits photo © Arthur Sloth)

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