Contemporary primitivism of Raymond Lemstra 1

Contemporary primitivism of Raymond Lemstra

What’s left from primitivism today ? What’s left from this artistic movement from the begin of the 20th century that brings artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, the artist that belongs to Die Brucke saying they coming back to the original forms, inspired by african art, art from islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or from oriental cultures. What’s left ?

Le primitivisme contemporain de Raymond Lemstra

It’s in Amsterdam that Raymond Lemstra is practicing drawing in primitive influences. These characters are strongly influences by Inca art, African masks, it also draws an imaginary from childish dreams, a world between exoticism and naivety. Under this naive and childlike aspect, there is a lot of technical skills, a remarkable attention to details, a matching convex shapes and strict geometry.

Le primitivisme contemporain de Raymond Lemstra

By this unusual and hybrid universe from multiple sources, Raymond Lemstra defines himself as an drawer and not as an illustrator because his works are not there to illuminate a text, a story, but they show as a whole, with their own stories.

Le primitivisme contemporain de Raymond Lemstra Raymond_Lemstra_SOUNDGARDEN_web SNUIT_Raymond_Lemstra_web_o Raymond_Lemstra_VSF

Raymond_Lemstra_Pearl_web Raymond_Lemstra_Pictoplasma_Kitchen

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