Case Ma'Claim or the provocative sweetness. 1

Case Ma’Claim or the provocative sweetness.

German urban artist native of Frankfurt and member of the Ma’Claim Crew established in 1999, Case aka Andres Von Chrzanowski is an artist who is able to mix brilliantly photorealism and surrealism.


Like a german Salvatore Dali, Case draws a successful parallel between convention and controversy, the art of Case focus on details inside huge environment, the whole ,giving birth to a provocative sweetness. With his murals, Case gives birth to disturbing and soft hybrid creatures. This fascination, he transmits it to us by the movement of the gesture which is omnipresent. His art consists in removing characters of their usual environment and placing them in a new constructed context.

The traditional idea of beauty is then transfigured by the grotesque.

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